Recover Your iPhone data with PC

iTunes is used for backing up and restoring data on the iPhone. You must run the iTunes software on your Windows PC to recover iPhone data. In addition to iPhone, iTunes is also used for backing up and restoring data on iPad and iPod.

Install iTunes – 192.168.l.l

Before you proceed with data recovery on your iPhone, you need to install the latest version of iTunes on your PC. You can download iTunes from the Apple website. It also helps to update your PC through Windows Backup before installing iTunes on your computer.

At the same time, update the iOS of your iPhone to the latest version.

Disable/Uninstall Security Software – 192.168.l.l

In certain cases, your security software may prevent the installation of iTunes. If this happens, disable the security software temporarily.

Backup Data – 192.168.l.l

Look for backup of your iPhone data in iTunes. IF you are unavailable to find any backups for the iOS device, then you may not have made any previous backup of the phone. It is also possible that the device has an older version of iOS than what was used to make the backup. Or perhaps, the backup was made on a different PC or iTunes account.

Corrupted Backup – 192.168.l.l

In some cases, the backup data cannot be read or recovered to the iPhone. Such data is corrupted and cannot be used. If you find the iTunes backup corrupted, use iCloud backup instead.

Completing Backup – 192.168.l.l

The Apple progress bar shows the progress of data recovery from the PC. The device restarts during the process. Backup may take a while, so be patient.

Backup to another iOS Device

If you backup iPhone data to another iOS device, then some files won’t transfer:

Messages and message attachments
Camera photos
Voice memos
Apps that are incompatible with the new iOS device